Pooches and Pumpkins

Angelina Offin , Staff Writer

On Sunday Oct. 27, Craven Farm in Snohomish held an event called Pooches in the Patch. It was a day where people were allowed to bring their dogs to the pumpkin patch. Normally, pets are not allowed, but this day was an exception. Craven Farm Representative Sandee Acevedo answered some questions about the event.

Q. Was the event successful?
A. “Yes, it was very successful. Everyone had lots of fun and it was a great opportunity for all the dogs to socialize.”

Q. About how many dogs came?
A. “We had about 1300 dogs attend.”

Q. Will you consider doing it again?
A. “Yes, we will do it again next year. Dates are still to be determined.”

Q. Is this the first time doing it or have you done it in the past?
A. “This is the second time we have had Pooches in the Patch. Our first event was this season on Sept. 22, 2019. It was pretty successful, with over 550 dogs attending. Everyone had such a great time, and we received many requests to add another date, which we were happy to add another at the end of our season on Oct. 27.”

Q. What was some feedback you received?
A. “We had a photo-op set up for your dog to take pictures of front of. Many of the online comments was that they liked the photo-op we set up because it was a great opportunity to get a cute picture of your dog!”

Q. What were some things that could be improved?
A. “We would like to add a photographer at our photo op because some people wished there was a photographer there offering to take photos. Also, it was quite sunny and a bit warm, and we noticed a few people sharing Tupperware dishes with water for their dogs, so we would like to add some type of dog watering station.”