Study Tips for Finals Week


Haley Ahlquist, staff writer

Are you struggling to find ways to study efficiently? Do you need help passing your huge test this week?  Here are some tips to help get you through that test that you are stressing about.

  • Quizlet – no need to freak out about creating a whole set usually if you search up the title of the test/quiz you could find one already made and study with practice questions
  • Take good notes – color code and use bright colors to highlight the key facts and vocab words
  • Compare notes – Make sure you and your friends have all the information by sending screen shots of your notes in a group chat or even better, get together and go over them.
  • Make flashcards- there are a myriad of flashcard apps, try StudyBlue app for its many features and sharing ability
  • Set aside time- don’t wait till the last-minute, give yourself an amount of time each day before the deadline.
  • Practice tests ask your teacher for old examples or look online
  • Studying outside of school –plan a study date with friends after school, preferably at a quieter location
  • Limiting time –don’t study for long periods of time, take breaks so you don’t tire yourself out.
  • Meet with teachers- plan extra time with teachers to have them answer your last-minute questions.

Stella Cottrell an expert says the best way to help you study is to manage your mindset on a daily basis in the article Exam Tips and Techniques from A Study Expert she states “Don’t give your mind the time to drift into anxious thoughts. If it does, then gently guide it back to a concrete task, such as planning your time, jotting down useful facts and figures to use in later questions”. Another tip that she says is get to know your exam paper “Don’t race to start writing before you have checked through the paper. Read the instructions and all questions slowly and at least twice. Highlight how many questions you must answer from every section” (Exam Tips and Techniques from A Study Expert). Lastly, Cottrell mentions that you should answer the question and only that “Check carefully what the question is about. Select the right information to answer it and don’t include unnecessary information. Don’t just write down everything you know on the general topic, as that suggests you don’t really understand the question. It also wastes valuable time” (Exam Tips and Techniques from A Study Expert). 

If you need any further tips on how to prepare or deal with test anxiety here are further websites that could help you!