Results of GP’s Blood Drive


Noelle McGinley, Staff Writer

On February 19, the annual blood drive was held in the mat room. Leading up to the blood drive, a group of ASB students were desperately trying to find students to sign up.
Efforts were made through the morning announcements, multiple lunch announcements, and going into all the senior government classes. With all of this, they were able to get 106 signups, beating last years number of 103.

Finally, signups were closed. The day before the blood drive, the ASB students passed out water bottles and cookies as a reminder to drink and eat plenty of water and food. They thought this was going to be enough but sadly they were wrong. The day of the blood drive started out well. Students were showing up at their correct times, they were being checked in, blood was drawn. Then, more and more students came to give blood. Students were told they were going to miss 45 minutes to an hour of class, but little did they know that they were going to miss  up to three hours.

As students came, there were  more adverse reactions. Students became dizzy to the point they couldn’t walk. Students passed out, and many became nauseous. As the day went on, students had adverse reactions, and took up the beds scheduled for the next person to donate.

In the end,  82 of 106 registered blood donors donated, but out of those 82, only 44 pints of blood was collected.  This was the lowest pint donation ever because students who volunteered had not hydrated or eaten prior to their donation time.