Three Great Gift Ideas For Father’s Day


Alexander Lundin, Staff Writer

There are approximately 21 days until Father’s Day. Father’s Day is important because it allows us to show appreciation and honor the parental bonds and influence that our dads have given us. This year has been rough so far, but our dads have been there for us and stood strong by our sides to help us through these tough times, and they deserve to be recognized. So, without further ado, here are three great gifts that you can get your dad on Father’s Day.

  1. Customized Tie- This is a great gift for your dad, as not only a customized tie can have hm looking sharp for his work day, but it stays with him throughout the shift as a constant reminder of the bond and love you two share with each other. There are many great sites online where you can pick and choose designs that mean something to you and your dad.
  1. Photo Art– Another fantastic gift that you can purchase for your dad on Father’s Day is a framed portrait of photo art. You can customize what you want your frame to include: pictures of you and him, meaningful words or phrases, and even funny comic or jokes! This is a great gift because whether it be in the house or at his work desk, when he walks by or sees it he will know that you care about him and have love for him.
  1. Step In His Shoes– People often don’t understand how hard it is to be a dad. One way that you can show your appreciation for your dad is by stepping in his shoes for Father’s Day. Maybe instead of him doing all the chores around the house, like mowing the grass or painting the fence, you could take his place and complete these tasks. Maybe make a meal for the family or let him rest while you walk the dog. This is one of the best ways to show your appreciation and love for your dad.