Do You Remember When Life Was Normal?

photo by Tia Vogtsberger

Chloe Nacorra-Scruggs, Staff Writer

As we all know, the coronavirus has drastically changed the life as we once knew it. Instead of parties with friends every weekend and family outings, it’s staying inside and 6 feet away from people.

Many of our favorite places have stayed closed during the pandemic and life is boring without some things to look forward to. This virus has allowed us to step back and examine the things and activities in our lives that we took for granted because we thought that they would always be there. Many of us are thankful that we live in a world with advanced technology so we can see each other through apps like FaceTime, Zoom, and Houseparty. Although, it still could never compare to the times when you are with your friends.

Many of us miss being able to go outside without the risk that you might catch something or spread it on to other people. All of the high school seniors did not get to participate in the traditional events that should have happened if COVID-19 never existed. Things like, senior prom, their last spring sports, saying goodbyes, and graduation.

Instead, we look to the virtual world to see each other, not knowing when we will be able to hug them or even shake their hand. For the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, we miss the day-to-day things that we easily took for granted. Things like being able to wake up everyday and go to school and walk in crowds of people that flood the hallways. Or, going out to dinner with your family and being able to sit in the restaurant. Or, being able to walk into a grocery store without a mask and gloves on. When life was busy and filled with things to do, when our sleep schedules were more regulated, when we didn’t even think to use the words “quarantine” or Zoom,” when we could see the people we loved, when we could go to school and actually graduate on a real stage.  COVID-19 allowed us all to take a step back and look at what we have. But when will we be ready to step back in?