Where To Buy Facemasks


Elizabeth Schwartzhoff, Staff Writer

Throughout this whole pandemic, you have probably seen facemasks being worn everywhere. It has basically become the new norm of society. From the very beginning, it went from people buying out facemasks to people making their own to many businesses beginning to make more fashionable facemasks for people to buy. Here are 5 great and affordable places to buy facemasks although there are many tutorials online on how to make your own.

  1. Old Navy- They sell packs of three, five, and even up to ten masks. The price ranges from $7.50 to $25. They have an array of masks from more solid colors to patterns. They have many to choose from and I bet you could find ones you like. https://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/category.do?cid=1157699
  2. Kenny Flowers- Personally, I have recently bought two masks from here. These are styled like medical masks how they have two ties. They are non-medical but very fashionable. They also donate a mask in Bali. For a two-pack it is $18. https://www.kennyflowers.com/products/assorted-non-medical-lifestyle-masks-3-pack
  3. Etsy- There are hundreds of different shops that make masks on Etsy. This is also a way to help support smaller businesses during this hard time. Most masks aren’t medical grade also. When looking for masks on Etsy, I always try to find shops that have high reviews and good sales. Those are typically more reliable. https://www.etsy.com
  4. Anthropologie- These have many different types of patterns for masks and are relatively priced higher than the others. There are a range of different prices depending on what masks you choose. The Amadi masks are $24 for a set of two but the Sanctuary Printed masks are $26 for five. Ultimately, it depends on what type of pattern you like. https://www.anthropologie.com/reusable-face-masks
  5. Gift Gowns- This company makes hospital gowns but now they expanded to face masks as well. They also match donations and have double layer of fabric. They have a lot of different options and they start at $12 for one but they do offer coupon codes. https://www.giftgowns.com/pages/face-masks