Seniors on the Green, A Hole in One

The First Senior Event of the Year


Lucy Henderson

Seniors at Snohomish Valley Golf Center

Abigail Schaefer, Staff


On September 17, 2020, GP seniors hit off their senior events year calendar with a fun filled night at Snohomish Valley Golf Range! Many seniors showed up, while still maintaining social distancing to either hit balls in the driving range or play mini golf. Seniors got to choose either option for a discounted price of $8.  Our GP seniors sure had a lot of laugh filled memories trying to either manage to hit a golf ball far enough on the range or score a hole in one on the mini golf.

“I had a super good time and it was awesome to see a lot of friends that I haven’t seen for months.” Senior, Taylor Fausey said about the event.

It was a great way to support a local business and have a social distanced and safe event. It was a great turn out, and you could hear a lot of kids laughing and talking with their friends.

Although many seniors are saddened by starting their last year as an online student, they know that GP and our community are here to support them as well as our student body. The communication was great with spreading the word, making sure to include every senior. This is so important when planning events for a good turnout.

Senior, Zoe Macris, said “I had more fun being with my friends and classmates rather than the actual mini golf game itself. It was more fun to not take the game seriously.”

This was felt by many seniors who could be heard laughing and talking with their friends. It was nice for everyone to be able to see each other face to face and mask to mask. With a big thank you to the Snohomish Valley Golf Range, GP Senior year started off with a great swing.