Online learning during Covid-19

Online learning during Covid-19

Grace Rummerfield

With schools getting shut down all across the world, lots of students are having to adapt to new way on learning. Students who don’t have reliable internet access or students that don’t have access to the proper online learning tools have been struggling to participate in class projects and activities.

Whilst virtually all 15 year-old’s that come from a privileged background have access to computers to work on, while nearly 25%of students that come from a disadvantaged background do not have computer access. For students that have access to the proper learning tools, there is evidence that they can retain as much as 60% more material then learning in the classroom.

Many students are also finding that they miss going school and seeing there friends and teachers almost everyday.

Virtual learning is also effecting the teachers. A challenge with virtual learning that most people over looked was isolation, without the buzz of the classroom and seeingĀ  peers face to face, many students and teachers have lost the sense of togetherness in the virtual classroom. It is important for both students and teachers to show their face or talk when appropriate during a virtual lesson, to make sure everyone is connected and has a positive attitude.