Annual Food Drive


Olivia Coppock, Staff Writer

Is your class at the top of the leaderboard for the Maltby Food drive? Let’s find out! This year classes and clubs will be competing in two different sections. Leaderboard one is the Monetary Donations Leaderboard. Leaderboard two is for items donated. For your own convenience the updated Boards can be found on the ASB canvas page. We have families within our community who could use a helpful hand this holiday season and we can all take a stand and create change.

Monetary Donations: The top three for Monetary Donations keeps changing between Mr. Juhl, Mr. Benson, and The North Pole. They are fighting in the 500 and 300 club for the top place. Mr. Juhl made it to the top by, “I just post an announcement on Canvas for my first period class, and I sent out an email reminder to every student in my first period class (and their parents and guardians) about the food drive. I have also thanked my first period class for their donations. I attribute my first period class’s being first in terms of monetary donations entirely to how good and generous and thoughtful my first period students are.”

Any cash donations please bring to the bookkeeper’s office, not your teachers. You will be handed a receipt which you will then give to your first period teacher which they will keep a hold on. You can also donate money online through-

Items Leader Board: The Office Staff and Mr. Bonner are currently in the top two fighting in the 100-199. The runner up for third currently is Bagley and Mr. Divito. All food donations can be brought to your first period class and sat in the box which every class has, it will have the room number and teacher name.

This food drive is coming to an end very soon, so you don’t get much time. It ends Thursday the 16th just before break ends. So, get your donations in ASAP, GP greatly appreciates it! As GP we love competing for the top, but we also want everyone to know that families are in desperate need for our help and us all as a family can together make a difference. Special thanks to all students and staff who have already donated!