Welcome Brenda Conrad to Glacier Peak

Welcome Brenda Conrad to Glacier Peak

Jacqueline Shaner, Staff Writer

We have a new principal, Brenda Conrad  who comes to our school as a first time principal. She has been one of three assistant principals at Woodinville High School since the 2016/2017 school year.  She graduated from Central Washington University with a BS in Education and has taught Health and Leadership, as well as been ASB Adviser and Activities Director at Bellevue High School where she worked for the 20 years prior to Woodinville.

“Glacier Peak is excellent with its AP programs, activities, arts, and CTE, which are all areas I have worked with in the past, having been a former CTE teacher.  I’m excited to learn more about those programs and participate in the school spirit that Glacier Peak is so well known for,” Conrad said.

Conrad has been an educator for 23 years and loves every minute of it.  “I enjoy both teaching and learning, as well as working with students and staff as a leader to build school culture together.  I want to work to support teachers and help them do their best, and work with everyone to keep the school’s standards high, and a place everyone wants to be,” Conrad said.

Coming from another excellent school Conrad has been able to understand the extent to which it is necessary to try and involve and hear as much of the student body as possible.  “The two schools are similar and there are things I’ve learned from being an assistant principal at Woodinville that I can bring to Glacier Peak.  I wanted to come to Glacier Peak because there is a strong sense of community and belonging as well as great school culture.  I also live much closer and will be able to connect more with the community in and outside of the school,” Conrad said.

As someone new to the staff and in such an important leadership position it is important to evaluate how the next few years will go.  “The first thing I want to do is learn about the school and begin to build off what has already been developed versus starting new.  I’m excited to meet the staff and see what they focus on in education, and I want to make sure to continue creating a culture where every student has a voice and feels like they belong,” Conrad said.

As this is her first-time being principal of a school Conrad was asked to recount the highs and lows of being an assistant principal in terms of working with students.  “Sometimes it is hard to make sure everyone’s voice is heard, so I make it a goal of mine to make sure the staff and administration can hear all the student voices.  I have a passion for education, and I am so honored for the amazing opportunity I have been given, and plan on working hard to make Glacier Peak a place everyone wants to be,” Conrad said.

As this school year ends next year can be looked at with optimism as we welcome Brenda Conrad into our school.