Principal Larson’s Farewell


Lillyana Brastad, Staff Writer

As the final weeks of school approach, Principal Larson begins to say goodbye to Glacier Peak, as he prepares to begin teaching at Snohomish High School, next school year. Starting in the fall, Larson will go back to his roots as a teacher and become a math and PE teacher at Snohomish, along with coaching the boys’ basketball team.  

 “I didn’t want to become a high school principal, but I wanted to be at Glacier Peak,” Larson said. “There was just no way I didn’t want a chance to be a part of GP.” 

 Larson joined the GP community in the fall of 2017 and was immediately well-loved by staff and students for his dedication to making all students feel like they matter. He faced the hard years that Covid-19 brought to everyone, finding a way to still make sure students were learning, even through a world-wide pandemic. Once school resumed in person, Larson continued to make the best out of what was given, supporting and guiding students into becoming better versions of themselves, despite all the hardships.  

 “He really cares about his students, he takes our feedback, and he doesn’t do anything before asking the student body first,” senior Joshua Kim said. “I will miss him a lot once I graduate.” 

 As graduation approaches, Larson is getting ready to shake the graduate’s hands as they receive their diplomas, for the final time. This moment is special to him, as he watched many of these students start out as timid freshmen and at that moment, they will begin their new lives in the real world. Larson has seen students walk across the stage that he has built great bonds with over the four years of high school, ones that he got to know very well and ones who relied on his help to be successful in the end.  

 “I have loved each and every class for different reasons, this senior class, we’ve been through it all together,” Larson said. “I’m looking forward to enjoying every experience, the end of the year emotions and experiences.” 

 As the school welcomes the new principal, Brenda Conrad, in the fall, students will learn to deal with the loss of Larson no longer being at GP, but welcome in a new member to the community. Larson hopes that throughout hardships and change in the future, the school does not lose its identity and remains the family that it is now. Although high school is only four years, the lessons learned, the actions taken and the memories last forever. Larson helped make the school a place where opportunities are given, and students can walk out of the building knowing that they were cared for. Larson has left a lasting impact on the students, staff and community of GP, in which students will honor by continuing to grow as people and to not forget to take advantage and make the best of what high school provides.  

“Just because I will be at Snohomish, I am still GP,” Larson said.