International Women’s History Month


Amelia Weeks, Staff Writer

The month of March is known as International Women’s History Month. During this month many people pay more attention to the women that have inspired them or helped them in some way throughout their life, whether it was helping them do their homework or inspiring them to keep going with their dreams.   

International Women’s History Month features many things from different art projects to show appreciation, YouTube videos to talk about books written by women, watching movies or documentaries about women and their history or impact on the world, and even parades that people can enjoy with their family.  Every person has their own way of recognizing the month. For an example recently, teens have been making jokes on the app TikTok about how all women should be treated with the utmost respect during this month.  Whether it’s reading a book or supporting women-owned businesses, many people are putting focus on this month to appreciate women and how far they’ve come.

Even if the general public are not focused on it, an Instagram account, @Impact, keeps many updated or gives facts about women to celebrate the month. On March 3rd they posted “Latina women who have made huge contributions to history.” This featured many women, in all different career paths. One woman featured was Selena Quintanilla, a star singer who won two Grammys as well as being iconic for her fashion, being an activist for Latina women, and inspiring young girls. Another woman that was featured was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is the youngest woman to serve in the U.S. Congress and always puts up a fierce fight in being an activist for women’s rights. She also actively fights for gun control, housing policies, and universal health care. No matter what career they are in, women in the work force are always inspiring, and deserve to be recognized especially during the month of March.