Free Gym Membership For All Teens


Kyla Gundayao, Staff Writer

Planet Fitness kicks off the third year of its summer fitness program that allows teens to go to the gym for free! Starting on May 15, all teens ages 14-19 can now get a free Planet Fitness membership until August. They are promoting free memberships to help kids stay fit during the summer and prevent them from boredom, without any additional costs. However, there are some limitations, teens can only choose one location and can’t use their membership at any other location. There are also no guess passes or perks like the other membership offers, but considering it’s free it is understandable.

The fitness program is not only giving free memberships but if you fit the qualifications, you can apply for the grant that gives back money to your school to buy better equipment. This is another way Planet Fitness is giving back to the community and teens to help them stay fit and healthy by giving funding. Teens who sign up can take part in a video contest for a chance to win a scholarship and help their school win a grant and in total Planet Fitness is giving away $200,000. The contest gives 10 teens in the US and Canada $10,000 and to enter you have to post a TikTok and @ Planet Fitness as well as describe their experience using the Planet Fitness Summer Teen Program. In addition to giving 10 teens $10,000 the top 10 schools (also in the US or Canada) are eligible to win $10,000 for their school that would go to equipment, sports, fitness classes, and wellness.

While a free membership may seem small, Planet Fitness has done multiple surveys and studies that have shown that getting fit can improve teens’ self-confidence. Other studies have also shown that many students want to get fit but don’t have the capabilities to. This free program gives motivation to many teens and lets them work out, make healthy changes to their bodies and give teens a place to work on themselves. Many teens strive for a consistent routine and the ability to work out with a friend, it gives teens the ability to use their potential change for the better.