Senior Serpentine


Elizabeth Shapley, Staff Writer

Every year on the seniors’ last day of school they have a farewell assembly, and after that assembly, the student body lines the halls to send them off in a fun way which we call the ‘Senior Serpentine.’ The Grizzly band leads the seniors as the underclassman fill the hallways and cheer them on as they walk through the school. This has been a long-standing tradition for many years, and many students have bittersweet feeling about it. “It’s almost bittersweet because you’re happy they’re going on with their lives and excited about what they are going to achieve but also sad you’re not going to see them again for a while,” Lola Ganje said.

Senior Serpentine is something special according to Aaron Eppler. “I love the senior serpentine, it’s a great way to celebrate our seniors and the finishing of their high school experience with a bang,” Eppler said. “The clap can get a tad annoying but it’s all worth it to give gratitude to those who have had to power through the years of homework. Not to mention some of these people are our friends, so seeing them leave is bittersweet. All in all, I believe the senior serpentine is something positive and should be cherished.”

Some seniors are excited but dread the parking lot after school, “Well, my quartet is singing one final song and I’m super pumped about that, but I think least favorite is gonna be the traffic leaving the school,” Dimitri Smith said.

Senior Serpentine is a very emotional time for students who get to see their old classes and old teachers, “I like senior Serpentine, I think it’s cool how they get to walk around the school seeing all the old classrooms they used to visit and their teachers. I’d imagine that it’s also nice for them to get to see all their friends at school one last time,” said Skylar Grogan. “I think that if anything were to be changed about the “ceremony,” they should set aside a bit more time for seniors to spend time with their underclassmen friends as they’ll likely never see them at school again. Otherwise, it’s fun and I like seeing and cheering on all the seniors for one last time before they graduate.”

Most underclassmen feel the same about the seniors leaving, it’s just bittersweet. “My favorite part about senior Serpentine is seeing all of my senior friends run by. I basically get to say goodbye to them. It can be emotional but definitely in a good way,” Emerson Woodard said. “Seeing them walk all around the school makes me excited to be a senior and to one day do that same thing. I don’t think I have a least favorite part about it, other than feeling sad that my friends are leaving.”

If you’ve got friends graduating this year, make sure to give them a proper sendoff and bid them good luck in the next chapter of their lives during Senior Serpentine.