The Trump Train Derailed

President Trump at one of his rallies. Credit:

Sam Ketchem , Web Editor

Only three weeks ago, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. In those short few weeks, the federal government has gone into a tailspin. It all started after Trump tweeted about how large the crowd at inauguration was and how the media was “corrupt”. And that is only the start.

The next day, while giving a speech at the CIA headquarters in front of the Wall of the Fallen, a place that pays respect to dead CIA operatives who were killed in battle, he again talked about how high the ratings for the inauguration were.

“I made a speech. I looked out. The field was — it looked like a million, a million and a half people,” he said.

And then it really went downhill. In foreign policy, he began lifting sanctions on members of the Russian government and Vladimir Putin, the authoritarian Russian dictator who has killed thousands of people. Later, he sparked controversy by banning citizens from 7 Muslim majority countries. The executive order was very confusing and trapped many refugees escaping war and persecution, immigrants, and people who already had dual citizenship and a green card. They were stuck in airports for days and had to fill out mounds of paperwork. Thankfully, a federal judge in Seattle stopped the order and said that it would cause “irreparable harm” to those sent home.

His cabinet is also another hot button issue. After he screamed about how evil the bankers from the investment corporation Goldman Sachs, he then decided to put 3 executives from the corporation into his cabinet. After he yelled about how Hillary was in bed with the Wall Street banks, he got in bed with them himself. There are also many unqualified members of his cabinet like Betsy Devos, the now Secretary of Education. She has never worked in public education in her entire life and may have a conflict of interest because her family owns a group of private schools.

Also, Trump’s aide Kellyanne Conway was on NBC when she cited the “Bowling Green Massacre” as a reason for the immigration ban. But, this terrorist never happened. She stated this as a fact and tried to make it a fact. Speaking of facts, on CNN she claimed that the American people required “alternative facts” because the media wasn’t reporting the right thing.

All of these things show how much of a failure the Trump administration has been and will be.