Favorite Holiday Snacks


Photo by Michelle Tsang

Cody Carlson, Staff Writer

As the holiday season nears, people start to think about what they enjoy best during that time of year.  Decorations, presents, family and friends…so many wonderful things and don’t forget the snacks!  A holiday favorite for many is the sweet chocolatey taste of brownies.  “I love brownies with powdered sugar”- Kristina Stepan.  While some may like brownies, others may like the wonderful taste of lefsa, from Norway.  “My favorite holiday snack is lefsa, a Norwegian sweet sandwich cookie”- Tula Nicholson.  While some may like snacks like brownies and lefsa, others may prefer the classic Christmas taste of peppermint.  “My favorite snack is peppermint bark”- Izzy Hagan.  As for me, I can’t pick just one favorite.  My three favorite holiday snacks are fudge, sugar cookies and a combo of eggnog with ginger ale.  A tradition my family has is getting together after thanksgiving and making sugar cookies with cool icing designs.  Then we eat some of them with the ginger ale eggnog combo, but they’re so good, the ones that we don’t eat right away are gone before Christmas.  My grandma’s eggnog is amazing!  It’s homemade with vanilla.  She makes a lot of it so that there is enough to have after Christmas, but it’s so good it doesn’t last very long after Christmas.