School Or Jail?

Delaney Gaffney

The reopening of Glacier Peak High School has caused many mixed emotions within the students attending. A lot of them are saying they aren’t going or that they don’t want too. There are also many saying that their parents are making them go because they can’t stand them lounging around the house all day. Students can’t decide if this feels like more like school or jail. 

Hailey Stevenson is one of the students that is super excited to go back to school. “I am excited to see all of my teachers and friends in school and learn live instead of a computer,” Stevenson said. It has been difficult to stay motivated with school online. Staying home with many distractions has caused a lot of procrastination issues. Students haven’t been turning in assignments on time, they have fallen asleep in class, and overall, it just hasn’t been the best experience.  

Although online has been tough for some students, others prefer it. Or at least want to continue it for the rest of the year. Jordan Gaffney is one of those students. “I just feel that it is not necessary because we will only be in school for less than 3 months. I’d rather wait till next fall because it would be an easier transition,” Gaffney states. It doesn’t really make sense to go back to school in the middle of the spring. It’s going to take a lot of time to get used too.  

Then, there are the students that wish we had gone back sooner. Kyle Munn believes that “we should have gone back a while ago because there’s some kids that really need that in person learning to succeed.” It is no secret that students have been struggling with online. Handson learners really need that experience to do good on assignments. With online they don’t have that connection with the teachers and other students. Some even feel ignored and brushed aside. They understand that online is difficult for the teachers as well, but they don’t want to struggle just because school is online. Those students are more than ready to return.