What will School Look Like Next Year?


Cody Carlson, Staff Writer

This school year has not been easy, lockdowns, remote school, and later on in the year, in-person school but with restrictions.  But we can rest assured knowing that next year at least some of these will be gone.  Mr. Peters, one of our vice principals, tells us a little bit about what school will be like next year.  We do know at this point that we will have all of our students here on campus five days a week, six periods a day.  Lunches will be back to normal and classes will have the normal number of desks.  We are, however, standing by for further direction regarding certain things such as masks.  We are looking forward to having our whole family back together.  One of the students shares her opinion on some of the restrictions being lifted.  Totally, I definitely love being in person.  I’m a visual learner and I think we’re better being in person. -Kendall Albriksten  One of our Spanish teachers, Señorita Bagley, shares her excitement for less restrictions and more ability to have fun in school and with learning.  I’m excited for less restrictions because that means that we get to be back to more natural things and with Spanish that means we get to play more games and more fun activities.  All around I’m just very excited for us all to be back together and get this year behind us and start moving on to normal life in school.  Others think that vaccines will and have already started to cause everything to lift the mandates.  I think that vaccines will come into play and that people who are vaccinated won’t have to wear masks.  Also, I think since so many people are vaccinated, the covid scene will die down a little.