Study Tips for Finals!


Ena Lehmann

During finals week everybody is stressed out. People are working hard to pull their grades up just a bit more. Here are some study tips if you’re in need.

Number one, get a good night’s sleep. Now, of course you’ve probably heard this millions of times, but that’s because it works! Recent studies show that students getting enough sleep, which is a full eight hours, do better on tests. But the biggest thing is getting good sleep days before your test.

Another tip is listening to calming music. If you’d prefer to listen to some of your favorite songs than that’s great, but most agree that classical music and songs without lyrics are less distracting and better for studying.

Snack on good food. Candy and coffee will only give you a temporary boost in energy and then you’ll crash, but if you have healthy foods like apples, edamame, and/or nuts.

Also setting a schedule really helps. You need to plan when you should study. Because if you don’t you could forget or say you’ll do it later which will not work.

Finding a good place to study. Finding a good place is hard because you want to find somewhere comfortable and not distracting. But you also need a place where you don’t fall asleep. For example, your bed might not be the best spot to study.

Another thing is taking notes in your own words. It helps embed the information in your head better and make new connections between ideas rather than copying of your teachers notes.

Lastly, figure out your learning style. Some people are visual while others tactile learners. Visual learners often like drawing, writing, or mapping out notes whiles Tactile learners my prefer to work with a 3D demonstration or act something out. Figuring out how you learn best is vital in getting the best and most useful study time.

I hope this has help your studying process for finals! Have confidence in yourself!