T-Mobile Park’s New Press Club Suite: Worth It Or Not?


Izzie Westlund, Lifestyles Editor

The Mariners have a new suite in T Mobile Park this year called the Press Club suite. It was put in the stadium due to the 2024 MLB All-Star game being hosted by Seattle. The usual cost is $400 per seat, but I got the amazing opportunity to sit in the seats for free, and here is my honest review.  

We started out by getting seated by a waiter. There were a lot of tables and seats to sit at, but they were very close together, making it difficult to navigate to other places. The food was buffet style, but fancier. The menu included foods such as butternut squash ravioli, charcuterie, scallops, roasted potatoes, and other basic foods such as pretzels or popcorn. Along with that, there was a huge dessert bar with pies, cookies, brownies, and cakes. Overall, the food was delicious. 

After eating our meal, we then headed to our seats to watch the game that was about to start. The seats were super comfortable. They were cushioned and also had a lot of leg room. If someone needed to walk past you to get to your seat, you did not even need to move. The view was amazing, as it was right behind home plate, we could see the whole field.  

During the game there was an option to order food from your seat. You scan the QR code on your seat and then choose what you want. There was a large variety of things to choose from: mac and cheese, cookies, or even a baseball glove if you wanted one. There was also the option to get a phone charger which had an adapter for any kind of phone, which is very convenient. You could also go inside and get a snack or drink from the fridge. Inside of the suite, there was also a merch store, which contained stuff that would otherwise be sold out if you were shopping in any of the other team stores.  

Overall, the suite was awesome. The only con that I can think of was how close together the tables were where we were eating our meals. If you ever get the chance to sit in the Press Club suite, I would definitely check it out!