Kayla Long


Addy Clarke, Staff Writer

“My absolute favorite part of being on the swim team is definitely the people on the team, because everyone is so nice, it’s like a little family, like a swim family. We all have so much fun, it’s literally my favorite. I look forward to going to swim every single day. Well, I guess my favorite part about being captain is just being someone that people can come to if they need stuff is really good, because I always want to be that person and I like that people appreciate me enough or respect me enough to ask me for help and support in certain things. If I could get rid of 1 event it would be 100 butterfly, no doubt about it, 100 butterfly, 100 butterfly can go. Even over the 500 freestyle. If I could drive anywhere right now I would say my grandparent’s house, they live in Lake Chelan, and their house is always just like a place of comfort to me and so I would drive there,” Kayla Long said.