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The movie poster The Post.

Sam Ketchem

The movie poster The Post.

Sam Ketchem, Web Editor

The Post is a story about what the truth is and how far you should go to expose it. In the movie, which is based on a real story, Katherine Graham is the owner of the Washington Post in 1974. After her husband died, she inherited the company. One day, the New York Times releases highly classified documents revealing that the CIA, Department of Defense, and many Presidents lied about what was happening in the Vietnam War. The current President, Richard Nixon, sues the newspaper and stops them from publishing more. But, Graham gets a hold of an unpublished copy and now she must decide whether to risk her company and expose the truth or play it safe and let the wrongdoings slide.

This movie will definitely be one of the best of 2018. Meryl Streep, who plays Graham, was the star as usual. Her character was soft spoken and tended to say little, but her expressions and body language spoke volumes. Tom Hanks plays Ben Bradlee, who was the Editor-in-Chief at the time. He play his character brilliantly and showed Bradlee’s fierceness and determination to tell the truth. There were great dynamics between the cast and a lot of growth was shown throughout the movie.

The setting was perfect and had all of the quirks and highlights and the 70’s. The costumes and intense music also channeled this energy. These little elements led to an overall feel of completion.

The movies theme played right into today’s news. We currently have a President who only likes press coverage that favors him, just like Nixon. He also attacks the press daily, just like Nixon. This story shows that truth can overpower lies and corruption. Everyone who cares about American society and a better world should go see this masterpiece.