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Charlie Puth Voicenotes

Morgan Raymond, Staff Writer

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Charlie Puth has released his album Voicenotes on May 11, 2018. This album is a mix of soulful vocals and fun and energetic songs that are perfect for sunny days driving with your windows down.He has released six tracks within the last few months including his single “Attention” that climbed to #5 on the billboard charts. The singles he has released prior are titled:

The Way I Am


How Long

Done for Me (ft. Kehlani)

If You Leave Me Now (ft. Boyz to Men)

Change (ft. James Taylor)

His most popular songs on the album so far are “Attention” and “Done for Me”

Attention is a slower song but still has a great beat. You can feel all the emotion in his voice while he sings. This song is about a girl who uses him to try to get attention rather than actually caring about him. She keeps turning up in his life simply so he doesn’t forget her.

Done for Me is a duet with Kehlani. This song has a lot of soulful qualities while still being a great pop song. The spunk in both of their verses along with funky beat in the background is a great combo to make you wanna get up and dance. This song is about a relationship where Puth is saying how he pours everything into their relationship and does all these things for her but she doesn’t do anything for him. However her side of the story is that she has Done plenary for him and that she is not gonna fight for forgiveness from him because she’s done nothing wrong.

Puth has had a number of top hits including Attention. This album is no exception. Puth has climbed to the tops with his tracks: “Marvin Gaye” (ft. Megan Trainer), “We Don’t Talk Anymore” (ft Selena Gomez), and being featured on Wiz Khalifas song “See You Again.”



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