“Riverdale” Season 3 Review


Julia Murphy

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Julia Murphy, Staff Writer

Season three of the CW show “Riverdale” premiered Wed, Oct. 10.

After two seasons following the story of Archie Andrews and his friends in the small town of Riverdale, the cast reunites for a third season.

The first season was great. Many people tuned in every week for the newest chapter, as the show seemed to address things that other shows these days do not. For example, some of the show’s highlighted topics included gang violence and drug trafficking. While things such as date rape  are still involved, the heavy subjects seem to reel in the teenage audience.

There is violence, drama, romance, and, my personal favorite, Cole Sprouse. The cast is okay, but Cole Sprouse makes the whole show one million times better. Camila Mendes plays a believable enough Veronica Lodge, and KJ Apa plays a really hot version of Archie Andrews, but in the end, his performance disappoints. Betty Cooper, played by Lili Reinhart, and Jughead Jones might be one of the most shipped TV and real life couples of 2018. Their chemistry is real, and that’s what people appreciate about the two of them.

Season two was honestly confusing. If you got distracted for even a minute, the whole plot wouldn’t make sense, and you would have to rewind and find out what you missed. This happened to me a lot.

Nonetheless, I finished the season, and the season finale made me very upset, as many other “Riverdale” fans can relate. I was looking forward to season three, hoping that things would work out.

As I watched the first episode, however, things only got worse. The amount of bad things that keep happening is somewhat repetitive, almost like Sandra Bullock being stuck in space in “Gravity.” When will it end? No one knows. The show is still enjoyable, but it left me with a lot of unanswered questions.

Though the show has not guaranteed a fourth season, it’s hard to say what the future is for the Archie gang. Considering over two million viewers kept up with the first two seasons, the chances seem pretty high.

Would I recommend wasting time you should be spending on your homework, watching “Riverdale” instead? Yes. The cinematography, itself, is breathtaking, and though the plot gets repetitive, it’s still interesting. And also, the cast is hot.