Jumanji, The Next Level

Welcome to Jumanji, again?


Photo from IMDb

Ciara Fortier, Staff Writer

One year after the game was destroyed, the crew had all moved away to college. They decide that they should meet up during their winter break and catch up with one another. Spencer, played by Alex Wolff, ends up spending his break at his mother’s house. When he gets home, he discovers that his grandfather Eddie, (Danny DeVito) is staying with them as well. That night, he decided to go into his basement and pull out a locked suitcase, breaking a promise that he had made with his friends a year ago.

When the crew doesn’t hear from Spencer, they become worried and decide to go check on him. In the meantime, Eddie gets a visitor. He finds an old friend named M­ilo, (Danny Glover) has come to visit. The crew interrupts Eddie and Milo’s bitter reunion in their attempt to find Spencer, but they too don’t know where he is. The crew later goes into the basement to find that their promise was broken and that they would have to go back and save Spencer from Jumanji.

Jumanji, The Next Level is not a typical sequel, it’s a movie unto itself. While we see the same avatars that we saw and enjoyed last play, new twists and characters bring a new adventure the game. Rated as a 66% by Rotten Tomatoes, 7/10 by IMDb, and 59% by Metacritic, I say this movie is worth seeing in the theaters. There are plenty of laughs for the whole family, no matter the age level. But be careful, while you may find new favorites, not all of them come home. So, treat Jumanji with caution, because in true Jumanji fashion, not everything is the same as before. “The fate of Jumanji rests on you,” good luck players.