Favorite Type of Men? Ramen!

Chloe Nacorra-Scruggs, Yearbook Staff

For the ramen lovers out there, we know that authentic ramen is hard to come by and instant ramen can’t always satisfy our cravings. Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya https://www.kizuki.com/ strives to serve the most authentic, fresh ramen that you could have without flying to Japan. Located in the Bellevue Mall,  Kizuki offers a home-like environment with friendly staff willing to serve you.

Kizuki makes their broth that morning so your food can come out faster. The menu offers you four choices of broth so you have a variety of choices. Each bowl of ramen comes with different vegetables, meats, and broth types so you can pick a ramen that will satisfy your every ramen need. The price of each ramen ranges from $9.45-$13.65. The price depends on what is included already with the ramen. For example, the most expensive ramen, the Yuzo Shio Ramen, comes with a French sea salt, kelp, and bonito base. 

If the bowl of ramen offered isn’t enough, you can add on more to your ramen for a little extra cost. Although the extra cost sounds like a turn-off, it is worth it. It gives you the option to customize your ramen so you get exactly what you what. You could add a runny egg, extra greens, bamboo or bean sprouts, corn, and much more. 

If you aren’t seeing anything appealing on the ramen menu, Kizuki also offers other traditional Japanese dishes. The menu gives you a range from a Japanese pork bun to chilled tofu so that all dietary needs can be provided for. The menu also offers rice dishes. These dishes include different meats and vegetables piled on top of a bowl of rice. It’s a simple dish, but also very tasty. Kizuki Ramen and Izakaya (https://www.kizuki.com/) offers authentic Japanese dishes ranging from tradition ramen to warm gyoza. This restaurant gives you a taste of Japan, without having to fly there.