Star Wars The Mandalorian (SPOILERS)

Star Wars The Mandalorian (SPOILERS)

Andrew Peterson, Staff Writer

(Disclaimer) this is only for the first three episodes not all chapters are represented in this review)

Jon Favreau  has had a long and prosperous career in acting and directing from Ironman 1 and 2 to now directing Disney Plus’s “Star Wars the Mandalorian” that’s surprises Disney’s expectations recording 40 million streams in the first week of the first episode being released to the public. According to the observer just with the first episode “The Mandalorian” has become the third most streamed original in the United States alone with 39 million fans demanding more of this exciting series. Many fans have also come to love the now infamous “Baby Yoda” That the “mandalorian” is tasked with to attain for a bounty.

Chapter one , two and three

Soon after the fall of the Empire “The Mandalorian” is seen accepting another bounty on the planet Nevarro to retrieve an unknown target (at the time). The Mandalorian receives a down payment in return he takes the payment in form of Beskar Steel and brings the steel to the mandalorian enclave where the steel is melted down to make some plate armor as his is very depleted in strength and structural integrity. Soon after The Mandalorian retrieves his bounty (“Baby Yoda”) he returns to his ship to find it being stripped by the Jawas (Planet Native people). To retrieve the stolen parts The Mandalorian Must retrieve “The Egg” a sacred food source of the Jawas.

With little to no choice The Mandalorian Is forced to travel to a nearby cave where he encounters a rhino like beast that immediately becomes offensive. Soon after almost being mauled by the rhino, Baby Yoda puts out his hand freezing the beast in mid air just long enough for The Mandalorian to move to slay the beast. After retrieving the “Hairy Egg” The Mandalorian returns to the Jawas where he is given back his parts. After all of the events The Mandalorian is able to rebuild his ship and is able to return to Nevarro where he releases ‘Baby Yoda” to the client. In return the client gives the bounty’s worth to the Mandalorian in form of Beskar Steel, but The Mandalorian becomes concerned for the plans that the client has for the target, but the client refuses any further questions and waves out the Mandalorian.

After receiving the Beskar steel, the Mandalorian returns to the enclave to craft a new set of plating. After the new set is complete the Mandalorian returns to the client’s residents’ enclave after rethinking his bounty he breaks into the the enclave retrieving the bounty (Baby Yoda). While the Mandalorian believes he is out of danger the rest of the nearby bounty hunters here word that the bounty is on the move,but soon The Mandalorian is cornered by waves of hunters. Luckily for the Mandalorian what’s left of The Mandalorian guild comes to his aid and are able to push back the hunters long enough to let The Mandalorian (Main character) to retreat to his ship leaving the planet to find a new place to recede from society.


To Be Continued…..