Tyler, The Creators new album


Kyla Gundayao

Tyler, the Creator officially dropped a new deluxe version, The Estate Sale, of his last album, “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST.” This leaves the album with over 20 songs which is considered a fairly long album now. The new deluxe version of the album has 8 new tracks and Tyler says that he liked these songs but they just didn’t make the cut for the original drop of the album. Before he released the full track he released, “DOGTOOTH” as a single and it served as a teaser to the other songs. “I think that ‘DOGTOOTH’ and ‘SORRY NOT SORRY’ could have easily made it into the original album because they are just so good,” Sophia Bella said.

Along with the album he also released music videos that he directed on 2 of the songs on the album. A fan favorite of these music videos is the intro to “SORRY NOT SORRY” in which Tyler portrays himself from each of his past eras in each album. In the song, he has a very upbeat but sad tone because the song sounds like he is almost talking rather than singing or rapping. These new songs have been blowing up all over social media and are some of the top sounds on apps like TikTok.

Fans are thrilled about having new content from Tyler because there is normally a 2-year gap between each of his albums. This drop was a surprise to his fans because his announcement on Twitter seemed out of nowhere. Looking at his past albums, you can see how much he features other artists and the 8 new songs are no different. This includes, YG on “BOYFRIEND GIRLFRIEND”, Vince Staples on “STUNTMAN”, and A$AP ROCKY¬† on “WHARF TALK”, the rest of the songs are all Tyler. His sound has always been unique and the new drop just pushes his distinctive sound.