Crossing the Finish Line to Victory


Abby Allan, Staff Writer

The girls cross country team has pushed themselves to get to where they are now. The cross country team won state against Edmonds-Woodway by only one point on November 7, 2015.

Sophomore Kathleen Baer has played  her part in this win and through the whole season of cross country. She’s seen her team succeed, fail, improve, and eventually become state champions. “Our team would never slow down or give up even when we thought we wouldn’t win,” Baer said.

The team bonding and the feeling of family is what brought the girls cross country team as far as it did. Edmonds-Woodway had been one of the top teams this past season for cross country. The meet before state, our team lost to Edmonds-Woodway by 12 points during the 5,000 meter dash.  “When our team heard they were champions, it was a shock to everyone there. Not even the coaches thought we would win this one,” Baer explained.

The whole crowd and team jumped in excitement and celebration when they got the news that they were state champions. There were even some tears. “Being with a team that is so encouraging and supportive is what I’ll miss most,” Baer said. “It was a great season for girls cross country team and I can’t wait for the next season to start.”