Life on the Dance Team


Abby Allan, Staff Writer

Junior Taylor Carness has been part of the dance team since freshman year and has grown to love every second of it. She said she “wasn’t into dance” before she decided to join, but since then her team has become like a family to her.

Taylor was inspired to join the dance team because she wanted to meet new people and perform in front of the school.  The first couple days she started the team it was great because she got to “find a new group of people who shared the same passion,” she said.

Their team goes to districts and state where Carness thrives for the moment right before she performs, “You go into this zone of nerves and adrenaline,” she said.

One of Carness’ favorite memories with the team was during the state competition her freshman year. The dressing room was a tiny little bathroom with only one stall. While the captain was trying to give a pep talk to the rest of the team before they went out on stage, one of the team members decided to use the bathroom. “All we could hear was the guy next to us peeing while the captain was trying to give a serious and motivating speech,” laughed Carness.

She explained that everyone involved with the group is fun to be with and they  all have great memories together. “The dance competitions that start in December are always a fun time,” Carness said.

Making memories, learning new forms of dance and building relationships have made the time and effort worthwhile.