Spiking Up A Bond


Sydney Allman, Staff Writer

Volleyball is close. So close that they eat together, sleep and play together. When the teams come together to practice, the gym is filled with laughter and smiles.  They have many inside jokes, share secrets and support each other.

Macie McQuarrie is a sophomore going into her second year of playing volleyball for our school. She is a player on the JV team, “This team is one of the most unique teams I have ever played on. On my club volleyball team, we are pretty close. But our schools team has a close bond like no other,” McQuarrie said.

McQuarrie explained how she has played club volleyball on the ‘All Out Team’, but it’s nothing like school volleyball. “When we practice, we sweat buckets, we endure a lot of pain, but most of all, we improve,” she said.

McQuarrie said practices at school are much tougher than any other team she’s ever played on. “The coach really pushes us, and even when we get exhausted, she pushes us harder. That’s the only way we could actually improve.”

The team members said that they enjoy having an upbeat environment at the practices. The Varsity girls never fail to give helpful tips to the JV team members. McQuarrie explained that they encourage them to use more force when hitting the ball or to serve in a different way. The school volleyball team has dinners before every home game. “It’s one of my favorite things getting to be with the girls and talk about something other than volleyball,” McQuarrie said.

McQuarrie continuously reiterated the idea that her team can be silly but always tries their best to be hardworking at practices. She explained how “It’s cool to have a team that you can goof off with but then get right to work when it’s needed.”

Sophomore McQuarrie is thrilled to be apart of a group that shares her same interests, passion, and love for the sport. What she loves most of all is that she found a team that feels like a family.