He Missed It!


Sydney Allman, Staff Writer

Blair Walsh has been an all-star his whole life. When in high school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he was ranked by ESPN as one of the top 5 placekickers in the USA. He was named a first team high school All-American by USA Today. He also made a 59 yard field goal. Twice!

Walsh then went to play college football for the University of Georgia, where his success continued. He set a college record for one field goal in 45 games, he made 119 extra points in a row, he ranked 2nd all-time in college scoring with 412 points, and he was named to the University of Georgia all decade team.

In 2012, Walsh was selected in the NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings. He continued to shine in the NFL. He made the most field goals in 2012 by a rookie. He was the most accurate rookie kicker ever, making 92% of his field goal attempts. Walsh was even selected to the NFL All-Pro first team as a rookie.

Blair Walsh knows how to kick a field goal. On Sunday, Walsh was in one of the toughest situations in his career, playing in the NFL playoffs with the game on the line. It’s any player’s dream to score the winning point in such an important game. Walsh was given that chance in the final seconds of the playoff game vs. the Seahawks.

“Walsh is an amazing kicker, I would have never guessed that he would end kicking it too far left” said sophomore Nathan Aguinaga

It was only a 27 yard field goal attempt. He could make it in his sleep. He had done it over a thousand times before. All the Vikings fans in the stadium and at home were at the edge of their seats waiting to celebrate their win against the Seahawks. The only problem, he missed it. This left the final score 10-9. All points in the game were field goals scored by Walsh.

“I was happy that we won, but I felt horrible for Walsh” said freshman Spencer Cramer

The Seahawks won the game and advance next week to play the Carolina Panthers. Blair Walsh and the Vikings go home and wait to try again next year.