An Unexpected Sport

Water Polo is a definite possibility for the next sports season.


Julia Murphy, Staff Writer

The athletic department is considering starting a water polo team for girls in the spring, and a boys’ team next fall. Head swim coach of both the boys’ and girls’ swim teams, Rob Serviss, made the announcement that the school may start a team if enough people are willing to join.

On December 12th, Serviss held an informational meeting regarding what the spring is going to look like and what it requires of students.

“It is going to require initiative on the students’ part,” Serviss said.

In order to make this work, students need to start an interest club for water polo and get ASB to support the idea.

Once an interest club is created and word spreads amongst students at both GP and Snohomish, water polo will be considered a club sport, much like lacrosse in the school district. It is not considered a WIAA sport like football or basketball are. Instead, the team will be part of a league.

“I already hired one coach, [John Neff, the assistant swim coach], and I will manage the organization. I’m working on getting another coach, and things are looking good,” Serviss said.

If students want this to work, he believes it will work out for them.

Not only is water polo an option for spring and fall, but there may even be summer trainings and practices for those who want to stay in shape.

Serviss, who is the the aquatics manager at the SAC (Snohomish Aquatic Center), has mentioned being able to easily cover the costs for renting pool space for practices, making the seasonal price for spring cheaper than most would think. For around $175, transportation, coaching, and pool space will be paid for.