Matt King Wins Two State Titles


Cole Eydt

Matt King on the podium after winning an event at state in Federal Way

Julia Murphy, Staff Writer

Sophomore Matt King won two individual events at the State meet in Federal Way this last weekend. King moved to Washington from Colorado two years ago, and once he got to Washington, he joined a club team, continuing his swim career. He originally swam mainly backstroke events with his club swim team, Sting Ray Swim Team (SRST). His coach saw potential in him to be a sprint freestyler, swimming both the 50y freestyle and the 100y freestyle.

“I was always a backstroker. One day, my freestyle just got really fast and I decided to go with it,” King said.

Throughout his freshman year, King focused on swimming with a club team. Once he saw results form last year’s 4A state meet, he knew he would be able to win events. Coach Rob Serviss has loved having King as part of the team; having a swimmer that has broken 3 individual in one season as a sophomore is extremely unheard of.

“He has a natural feel for the water. He can do a lot of special things,” Serviss said.

King got an All-American qualifying time in the 50y freestyle prior to the state meet, with a best time of 20.54 the qualifying time being 20.65. At the state meet, King got first place in the 50y free by over half a second.In the 100y freestyle, King swam a 45.74, an All-American consideration time, winning by nearly half a second. King also assisted the freestyle relay finish in fourth overall.