GP Freshman Football Defeats Mariner 44-0


Alec Mullen-DeLand

GP Frosh Team has a postgame discussion.

Alec Mullen-DeLand, Staff Writer

It was a 73°F day when the GP Freshman team took the field to play against the Mariner High School Marauders.  This was GP’s seventh game of the season and their greatest win, with a shutout score of 44-0.  Foreshadowing the result of the one-sided game, Zac McSpadden scored a touchdown from a 50-yard pass in the first five minutes.  A 2-point conversion made it 8-0 GP.

It was not long into the game when #50 blocked a Mariner punt, returning it for 5 yards.  Following this critical play was a touchdown by Tyson Lang

The second and third quarters continued this way as GP racked up touchdowns and continued toward their sweep of the Marauders. 

It went from bad to worse for Mariner, as they ended the third quarter with a feeble 7-yard punt, putting GP in a perfect position for another touchdown.  Jace Handshy scored a 2-yard touchdown run with 7:45 remaining in the fourth quarter. 

As the seconds on the clock ticked away at Goddard Stadium, GP was in full control.

“We played a outstanding game,” Preston Painter said.

As the Freshmen dominated the game, they patted the backs of their opponents and helped them up off the turf after plays. Their sportsmanship showed in the way they conducted themselves.

Come catch the last two games of the season as the frosh team looks for the coveted 9-0 record.