Sprinting into Track with Style


Lilja Bjornsson, Staff writer

On February 4, the interest meeting for the upcoming 2020 track season was led by Coach Loren Childers. Childers made the announcement that the team will have new uniforms. The highlight of the announcement was that athletes can keep them post season.  There has been an ongoing issue with having uniforms returned post season and the change in charging a fee for the uniforms instead of borrowing them is the solution of the athletic department.  “These students were all fined, so in a way they were already paying for their uniforms,” Childers said.

The  decision was made to partner with GearUp, who has been a sponsor for the Nike Eason Track Invitational. GearUp will  provide discounted uniforms available for purchase to this year’s athletes.

The standard Dry-Fit tank top will be worn at meets and  athletic spandex or track shorts are required for purchase.  In addition, there are an array of sweatshirts, warm up shirts, sweat pants, joggers, backpacks and even a polo shirt sporting the GP track and field logo for sale.  The pricing ranges from $25-$65 for each piece. Junior Alana Bianchi got a preview of the new uniforms. “It’s nice to know that they aren’t used. New uniforms make the athletes feel better and they’re more comfortable, plus they look fancy.”

The question on most track athletes minds is why it took nine years for the track team to get uniforms?  “I have always wanted track to be affordable for all students. Asking families to get a physical, pay the athletic fee, buy shoes, etcetera, can really start to add up. What changed my mind is that other GP sports are having to buy uniforms and other track programs in our area have been having students buy their uniforms for a few years now.”

Orders for track uniforms are available at glacierpeak.gearupsports.net.