Sports Season?


Jacob Kanaly, Staff Writer

The upcoming sports seasons are important to active athletes, families, coaches, and scouts looking fofresh players. The big question is,  are going to let the kids play or not? Baseball and football are two of the sports in question right now. 

Not knowing if they are going to have a season, many athletes worry about scouts checking them out for college opportunities.  As an active baseball player myself, many of the same questions my athlete friends have are playing out in my mind.  As of right now both football and baseball are practicing with Covid-19 restrictions in place. There are strict rules to help prevent the spread of the virus and to keep everyone safe. 

On of our football players gave some insight into their practice situation. asking him questions about everything going on right now with football.  “We are preventing Covid by wearing masks at all times and staying 6 feet from one and another.  Were also splitting up into multiple pods of five,” Baxter Cox said.

Conditioning is one thing, but running plays and tackling is a part of the game they are currently missing out on. “I do not think we will have a season this year. We have already been let down a lot. Football is going well, and everyone is doing the protocols and staying safe, Cox said.

Baseball players are feeling similar to the football players.  Baseball so far is going great, I love the practices and getting to see everyone but, sadly I don’t think we’re going to have a season this year,” Mason Halvorsen said. 

COVID-19 cases have spiked and then come down during several of the last few months. With infection   as big of a risk, contact sports are on the chopping block. Right now, the sportseason is at the least of the concern compared to what else is going onSo, until we can get a grip on what is happening outside of sports, we cannot risk playing at all.