The Seelhoff Sisters’ Soccer Success


Lillyana Brastad, Staff Writer

With soccer try-outs finally starting after delays due to Covid-19, the Glacier Peak Varsity and JV teams have selected their players for the 2020-2021 season. The 3 Seelhoff sisters, Ella, Chloe, and Maddie will all play together on the Glacier Peak Girls’ Varsity soccer team.
Freshman, Ella Seelhoff, was not expecting to make the Varsity team her freshman season, as it is not a common thing, but with true talent it is possible.

“I was honestly so shocked [when I found out] and Maddie gave me a big hug when we saw my name, it’s still so crazy to me!!”, Seelhoff said.

She has been playing soccer for 11 years, playing for teams  such as Snohomish United, Crossfire Premier, and now Glacier Peak. Ella is very excited to be playing with both of her older sisters and her goal is to get as much playing time as she’s able to. She enjoys the family you make during soccer season and bonds with each other.

Both of her older sisters have been having great success lately, off and on the soccer field, such as Junior, Chloe Seelhoff, recently being inaugurated as the 2021-2022 Glacier Peak President.

“Being president holds many responsibilities and meetings that I have to prioritize over GP soccer, I don’t think they will interfere, but I will have a lot of stress between everything! Being president will also make me work on new types of leadership which are great for the soccer field.”, Seelhoff stated.

Along with her electoral win, Chloe has also recently committed to the University of Washington and will be playing PAC-12 Soccer next fall. She hopes to go even further in her career with hard work and determination. Chloe has been playing soccer since she was only 2 years old, currently playing for Crossfire ECNL and Glacier Peak. The Seelhoff sisters, all excelling extremely in soccer, are very competitive towards each other on the field, but Chloe is very excited to see how they all connect during their first game on March 3rd.

Chloe is not the only sister committed to college soccer, Senior, Maddie Seelhoff, will be playing at the University of Montana after graduating this June.

“I love the competition and watching myself develop as a player. Over the years it has been my goal to play college soccer so that is why I pushed myself.”, Seelhoff said.

Maddie has been playing soccer for 10 years, her parents coached her when she was younger and she tried many sports, but she fell in love with soccer. Along with Chloe, she plays for Crossfire ECNL and Glacier Peak, she has been on the GP Varsity team since freshman year. Maddie is most proud of the D1 scholarship she has acquired and is excited to further her career there. Both of her younger sisters are greatly inspired by Maddie’s success and are very proud of her.

The Seelhoff sisters are a very successful bunch, athletically and academically, and they continue to inspire Glacier Peak students every day with their devotion to positively impact the GP community, be good role models, and support each other in their careers. Maddie will be greatly missed when she graduates in June but the impact she has left on Glacier Peak Girls’ Soccer and GP as a whole is immense. Chloe will be stepping up and leading the school during these uncertain times, with her responsibility and determination to leave things better than came, she will continue to motivate the student body and GP soccer to be their best selves. Ella has not been attending Glacier Peak for long but with all that she has already accomplished, she is facing great success in the future, taking after her older sisters. The Glacier Peak High School community is grateful to have the Seelhoff sisters, for they’re changing the world one step at a time.