Hyped for Baseball 2023


Maggie Miller, Staff Writer

On February 27 and 28, spring sport tryouts are being held. Baseball, among several others, is highly anticipated by players of years past. “I’m always excited for the season every year, I’m looking forward to being around everyone else on the team,” senior Spencer Putt said.

“I’m excited to hopefully win Wesco, that’s kind of what I’m looking forward to, is winning state,” senior Paxton Bigby said.

The players are excited for the season and remember fun times from last year. “My favorite memory would definitely have to be when it was raining so we all had to go into the gym. Blair had us do this drill where the main goal for a guy was to get a ball onto the padded portion of the gym and four guys had to defend the four pads. So, everyone was trying to throw as hard as they could to get it onto the pads and past everyone. But there was this one kid named Gavin, Gavin Gardner, he got pretty unlucky with this one kid as he skipped the ball up off the ground and it hit him square in the balls, and everyone just dropped to their knees and started laughing. It was a sound that still echoes in the gym to this day.”

“Last year, we would play poker after games, that was kind of cool,” Bigby said.

During the offseason, the players have worked hard to prepare for this year. “Ever since basketball ended, I’ve been going to captain’s practices. I’ve been hitting and working the field since October, so I’ve been doing this for a while. I think reps are the most important, so anywhere you can get more infield and more hitting reps is probably best,” Bigby said.

“I have gone to the captain’s practices, I feel pretty good going into the season, I think we have a good shot of going pretty far,” Putt said.