Wrapping Up Boys Swim


Photo by Lilly Brastad

Vic Wang, Staff Writer

And that’s the final lap for boys swim! This year’s team have swam through thick and thin in both club and the school team, as the boys explain their experience in boys swim this year, including their exciting experience making it to districts. “I’m going to districts next week, so that’s exciting. My goal is to get to the Olympic trials at one point, then I intend to quit after that,” Kaiu Taylor said when asked about the personal goals he had for this swim season and his personal experiences. “When I was 12, I won the Pacific Northwest championships for the 200. Then I placed second for the 100. Those were both free, and then third in the 50 free,” he added. 

Some students had either participated in both club and school swimming individually or participated in both at the same time. For some, the club swimming structure was preferred. “I like club swimming, because it’s not right after school and because I get to swim with people from different schools and have a different friend group there,” Brendan Gaffney said. “Also, they have different training styles but overall, I probably would say I prefer club swimming more,” he added. 

On the contrary, some found they enjoyed the experience of being on the high school swim team better. “High school is more enjoyable for the short time I have it. Just talking with all the boys and getting to know everyone and talking with the coach to get feedback from him, so it’s good to have that,” said Brock Showalter.

Additionally, some on the swim team greatly enjoyed the competitive nature of being on a team, as well as having a coach to help out. “High school swim. I like it because it’s more challenging and I like the coach,” Eduard Hirschi said.