Matt Box Goes to State


Regan Burkart, Editor

Junior Matthew Box recently attended the track-and-field state event this last weekend. This year, state took place in Olympia at Evergreen State College, on Sunday, May 28th 2023. This is Matt’s third year participating in a state sporting event, as well as his third season in a high school sport. Over the course of the meet, he performed extremely well in the events he took part in. When asked if he was nervous or worried going into the events, Matt shook his head and specified that he was in fact very confident, and had little doubts going into the competition. 

Javelin, a field event, requires the athlete to throw a thin and long spear as far as the athlete is capable. This event went exceptionally well for Matt at state, working his way into the top ten at 7th place. Matt also participated in the discus field event at state. Discus requires the athlete to throw a heavy-weight disc as far as possible. Matt also placed very well in this event, throwing himself the 6th place spot.  Matt confirmed that he has worked very hard throughout the duration of the spring sports season. Matt holds many impressive personal records in the field events. Such as a javelin personal record of 53’ 6, and a discus personal record of 37’ 5. He also holds a personal record of 16’9 in the shot put field event. When asked if he liked being on the team and participating in track events, he gave an excited confirming nod of his head.