Fall Sports Are Already Starting Up!


Izzie Westlund, Lifestyles Editor

Now that all the spring sports are over, next year’s fall sports have already begun practicing. Football, girls cross country, volleyball, and girls soccer have all begun having practices after school. These practices will continue throughout the summer, getting the teams prepared for next season.  

Girls soccer has already been working hard. “I’m excited for next season because my sister will be at GP. I’m also just excited to see how the varsity team is going to take shape now that our main goal scorers have graduated. I’m excited to see how our offense will be this year since we are a defensive-heavy group. I’m excited for practices over the summer because I’m excited to see how we can figure stuff out before the season and tryouts. I’m also looking forward to the weightroom practices because I haven’t been to the weightroom that much.,” Amelia Holst said.  

Football is also preparing for the fall season. “During the practices we go over plays and have as much fun as we can doing them. I am excited to play with my friends and build stronger connections with my teammates and coaches.,” Jaden Ramirez said. 

Starting fall sport practices early is important to these teams as it helps keep them in shape while also helping build team chemistry. The more practices they get in, the better they will do over the season. It also can give the players and captains ideas of the skills each player has. These practices will help players develop a good team environment. “Having good team chemisty is important because you need it to connect on the field. For example, when you see a gap and you need someone to make a run so you can pass a through ball to them, you can’t really say it out loud or it gives you away. As a team we need to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses so that we are able to communicate well both on and off the field,” Jackie Shaner said.