Q&A with Romeo and Juliet

Q&A with Romeo and Juliet

Erica Lane, Staff Writer

What was your favorite show?

“Closing was pretty fun; everybody goes all-out because they know it’s their last chance to.”

“I thought that the matinee on Saturday was pretty great, there was a lot of sobbing in the audience which was different from the closing on Saturday when there was a lot of laughter. Which are the two responses we want!”

Did you prefer it when people cried at the performance or laughed?

“We tended to have people that either laughed at everything including the tragedy, or people who didn’t laugh at anything and just sobbed audibly during the tragedies.”

“The show is split into two distinct portions of comedy and tragedy in the first half versus the second, and it was interesting to hear the different audiences’ interpretations of it.”

Did you have any embarrassing moments?

“Dress rehearsal! I had a blood pack under my dress for my death scene and something had gone wrong with it that day and when I went to lay down on the grave, BEFORE I had actually died, the fake blood leaked all over my neck and my hair and the grave. And Cameron just had to ignore it during his final speech.”

“There is a scene where I’m supposed to fain committing suicide, to scare the Friar, and I forgot the knife and so I went on stage with NO PROP and I kind of just grabbed my neck with my hands. People who had never seen the show didn’t know but it was pretty awkward backstage after that. And I was so messed up from that scene that I entered really late so Freja was on stage by herself for like 3 or 4 seconds.”

How has your guys’ friendship grown in the process?

“Before I knew you I’d just see you and say, ‘Oh hey it’s that guy from Beauty and the Beast’. But now I consider us pretty close friends! Honestly, whenever we do a show, everyone becomes really close friends; you bury your raw soul to the people in the play because if you don’t believe it, the audience won’t.”

“We were pretty good friends before the play because we were in Beauty and the Beast together, but now we are very close. That’s what shows do! You act ridiculous in front of each other so everyone gets pretty close; you cry and you laugh and you cry some more with each other, because you need to be vulnerable, you can’t cover anything up because then the audience will see it.”

If you could say anything to Mr. Toews, what would you say?

“Thank you. He had a really clear vision of the show and he made it phenomenal.”

“Thank you. He works really hard and he’s a great director, and for some reason he thinks I’m a good actor! He has an idea and he sticks to it and he executes it well.”