Finals Week Moved

The new dates for the finals.

The new dates for the finals.

Elizabeth Schwartzhoff, Staff Writer

Finals week has been moved to June 21-22 instead of June 14-15. This is due to the four days of snow we had in December and February. Despite it being a fun time, it’s effect on the last day of school is not. Glacier Peak should have incorporated a couple snow days just to be safe and if we ended up not having any snow days and they could take them out.

Many students had plans that were happening that week but now they are worries about missing finals week. Some teachers are planning to have finals a week earlier for those people who have things planned. There could be many students who have to take finals a week earlier because their vacation cannot be changed.

“I have a volleyball tournament that can’t be changed,” Marina Girgis said.

Changing finals week may have not been the best decision because there is a big possibility of many students needing to take time to stay after school to take their finals. It isn’t their fault for the snow days and their plans not being able to change. But, it is easier on teachers because they can teach all of the things they need to at a good pace. The school should have planned a little bit better in case of these snow days, now they are not only effecting the last day of school but finals week too.