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Working Through the Summer

Lane with the family she will be a nanny for.

Lane with the family she will be a nanny for.

Kendyl Prentice, Staff Writer

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Summer is just around the corner, and many students are beginning to think about seasonal employment. There are a wide variety of jobs available. Some potential jobs include camp counselors, baristas, shops at the mall, and so many more. It is important that you start applying for jobs now before all the seasonal positions are full.

“There is value in applying for a job early, because there are more opportunities to open up. This summer I am going to be a nanny, and I wouldn’t have gotten that job if I hadn’t pursued it early on, and so someone else does not swoop in, and get it the job I want before me,” Erica Lane, a junior, said.

Although getting a job is a major commitment, there are many benefits that could be well worth your time. There will be a steady flow of money that will help pay for summer plans, and it is always a good idea to start saving for college.

“I work at a store in the Alderwood mall in Lynwood called The Garage, and there are so many perks. I get a big discount, I am making a good amount of money, and I love all the people around me. It is fun to come to work with friends. It is nice to have money I can spend on fun things, and really cute new clothes,” senior Taylor Jackson said.

Whether you’re saving for something or just want something to do, you should probably act fast, because lots of jobs are already filling up.

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