Is The Dress Code Dead?

An example of what would not be excepted according to last years dress code.

An example of what would not be excepted according to last years dress code.

Sydney Allman, Staff Writer

For a long time, our school had a strict dress code, sleeveless shirt straps must be three fingers wide, shorts or skirts must be finger tipped length, and bare midriffs must not show. If there was a violation of the rules students would be asked to find more suitable clothing before returning to class. These rules were intact to keep the students looking professional and ready for college. Over time with many students complaining about the dress code it finally changed. The girls are the happiest with the modifications because it allows them to dress more themselves. Before the dress code change, girls weren’t allowed to show their shoulders because it was distracting to most of the male students. Girls found it unfair that they weren’t allowed to wear what they wanted because a male was unable to focus in class.

“I’m excited about the change because I can express my style more and I can wear outfits that are comfortable to me,” senior Makayla Guerra said.

“I’m not judging I’m just saying there is a huge difference in the what girls are wearing,” Bonner said.

“Its really distracting with all these females revealing themselves more, I don’t think the dress code will last long,” Senior Maxx Crowe said.

“I like it but it shouldn’t give people a reason to look scandalous like people should still dress for a learning or work environment, a little bit of tummy showing is okay and tank tops are fine. I think it will last,” Junior Haley Grambo.

“We have been talking about changing the dress code for a year or so, we have had the policy from a practice in the district. The tradition has been going on since our school opened. So simply what happened is our building didn’t match with some of the policies. We wanted to stop being fashion police and get rid of the specific things in the dress code, like lengths of stapes and skirts. In a number of court cases students have been disciplined or suspended due to their clothes. The school districts always lose. The courts wanted to make sure we aren’t excluding kids from school but keeping them in. We wanted to stop nit picking. What am I gonna do, run around with a ruler,” Vice principal Carter said.

With the change already entacted students are taking advantages of it. Shirts with drugs, weapons or suggested violence are still not allowed.