Heroes From The Heart

The role models that shaped him into the man he is today


Abigail Ricci

Carter Brewer in Snohomish.

Abi Ricci, Staff Writer

Role models are something that everyone has. Some are friends, siblings, celebrities or super heroes.

In the case of senior, Carter Brewer, it is his dad.

“My dad has always been my role model. He’s always told me to work hard and be strong. He showed me if you work hard then you can get far in life and you won’t have to worry about anyone bossing you around because you’ll be the boss,” Brewer sad.

He admires his dad because of all the hard work he has done for him and his family.

“I realized he was my role model when we were at Toys R Us and I wanted to get a Lego and he said that he bought it for him and not me and told me when I got a job I could buy my own Legos… and now I can buy all the Legos I want,” Brewer said.

Learning to work for what he wanted and not having to rely on other people is one of the greatest lessons his dad taught him.

Brewer also talked about his childhood hero.

“I looked up to Spider Man when I was younger because he wasn’t like all the other super heroes who were rich. He lived in an apartment in Brooklyn and did stuff because he was kind hearted. He didn’t need to be rich to do good,” Brewer said.

These role models are who and what shaped Brewer into the person he is today.