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Clothing is a way some students use to express their style

Nolan wearing one of his favorite shirts.

Nolan wearing one of his favorite shirts.

Kendyl Prentice

Kendyl Prentice

Nolan wearing one of his favorite shirts.

Kendyl Prentice, Staff Writer

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The clothing you wear expresses your personality. Sometimes the things you wear are a sneak peek into your personality.

“I really like wearing button up shirts. The shirts I get are all different, and I get them from places like Value Village and in this one place in Seattle called Red Light,” Nolan Rasar said.

Finding the right piece of vintage wear is less of a challenge while shopping in Seattle. There are many thrift stores and consignment shops, other than Value Village and Goodwill.

“Red Light has “killer” shirts that not a lot of people own. In fact, I got the shirt I am wearing today at Red Light. I have bought multiple shirts from them, and each one is unique. I don’t like to buy clothes I can find at mainstream stores that other people might have. I like to express myself by wearing unique clothes nobody else has,” Rasar said.

Clothes can also express how you are feeling.

“Although I wear a lot of the same type of shirt, each button up shirt represents a mood. Depending on the color, pattern, and style of the shirt, it kind of could tell me what my mood is. My style is really personal to me, and button up shirts are a huge part of me,” Rasar said.

Some students also get their inspiration from people at school or older siblings.

“My brother Cooper inspires me and my fashion sense. Cooper and I’s style is super similar, and he helps me express myself through the clothes I wear. One of my favorite pairs of shoes are my black vans, I got the idea from him,” Cameron Walker said.

The clothing you wear doesn’t define you, but at times is an effective way of self-expression. The clothing helps create your unique and one of a kind fashion sense.

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