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Lending a Helping Hand

Raelyn Young

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Freshmen Delaney Ivankovich and Lucy Dvorack decided that they wanted to give back and help the school reach their goal of cans and food to give to the Maltby Food bank. They went around Delaney’s neighborhood and asked the neighbors if they would like to donate any caned foods, boxed foods, and or a money donation.
“It was below freezing, and we went out for 3 hours with a wagon and tried to go around the whole neighborhood, but it was for a great cause and to help our school reach their goal,”  Ivankovich said.
“The school was very behind on their number of cans they needed for the food drive, so we wanted to help provide food for every family this holiday season. It can be really discouraging at first when you go door after door and nobody donates cans but in the end, we ended up collecting more than we thought we would,” Dvorack said.
After hours of collecting food the girls came out with a total of 125 cans, 30 boxes, 14 other foods and 66 dollars. They are planning to go back out to other neighborhoods and try to collect more. This is important to them because they want all families to have an amazing holiday dinner. They are posting and telling all their friends to bring food to school or do what they did and go around and ask anyone you know if they would like to donate.
“The Maltby Food bank is helping our community and we should definitely try our best as a school to help. We hope that the students at GP will see what we did and donate too,” Dvorack said.

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