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Rainbow Tuesdays

Kat in her tie-dye gear.

Kat in her tie-dye gear.

Celine Moran

Celine Moran

Kat in her tie-dye gear.

Celine Moran, Staff Writer

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Whether she is making lattes at the Grizzly Grounds espresso stand, or preforming folk songs in her history class, Katrina Sample, who also goes by Kat, never shies away from being her true self. She confidently strides down the hallway adorn head to toe in rainbow attire.

“I used to actually do this every Tuesday, but I fell out of the habit, got overwhelmed with school stuff,” Sample says.

Most of the tie dye items Kat own are gifted to her by family members, but she always makes sure to keep her eyes peeled for any new pieces to add to her collection whenever she is out in town. Kat is most proud of her tie dye pants, which she found at the folk life festival.

“I found a shop that specialized exclusively in rainbow tie dye, they had everything from dresses, pants, socks, even bras and underwear,” Sample said.

Kat says her inspiration for her rainbow fashion choices take root in her hippy upbringing.

“I have a favorability towards equality, and that includes equality towards the entire spectrum of colors, thus the rainbow,” Sample said.

The only exception to that would be the color pink, which she liked at one point but quickly got sick of. Kat who is also a member of Impact, is grateful for the accepting environment here at Glacier Peak. Kat hopes that by wearing these outfits, she can inspire more people to start wearing bright colors again.

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  1. Heidi Curnutt on February 23rd, 2018 12:11 pm

    She is a good example of kindness to all. Kat has volunteered at the Grizzly Grounds stand for both lunches for two years – she is in Running Start and could just go home. She is a treasure.


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